Saturday, March 17, 2012

What is The Best Tire Shine in The Market?

After trying out all the tire shines in the market, the quinticential question every detailer and car enthusiast ends up asking themselves is : "What is the Best Tire Shine in The Market?"

Obviously, (no surprise), we believe that Super Slick is the best tire shine in the market today.  Independently tested, our No Sling Super Slick Tire Shine has been proven to last over 200 miles & more than 3 washes!

We want to hear from you though.  After trying them all, what do you think is the best tire shine out in the market today?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#1 Tire Shine = Super Slick Tire Shine

If you haven't tried it must do so immediately!

DDP's Super Slick Tire Shine was engineered to outperform our competitors, not with cost-cutting techniques, but rather with attention to quality. No Sling.  No Runs. No Drips.

'Lasting' is a forgotten word in the detailing products industry.  Cheap products and big name companies have created a brand name and now rely on their name to carry sales --- not quality.

DDP's Super Slick Tire Shine is VOC compliant in the state of California and  has been independently tested by the same company that tests for our nation's leading aeronautical and defense companies.     

Once you apply DDP Super Slick Tire Shine you will not need to be reminded why you purchased this product.  It speaks for itself.  200 Miles and up to three car washes --- and when you arrive to your destination to show your ride off --- its still there as if you just applied.

Super Slick Tire Shine
 Unlike our competitors, we do NOT photoshop our images.  Our product speaks for itself.

Super Slick Tire Shine introduces a new standard in tire shine to the car care industry.  Delivering a shine and protection a grade above the rest, Super Slick Tire Shine will enhance the appearance of your tires by producing a deep and rich glossy finish all the while protecting your tires.  With no runs or drips, Super Slick Tire Shine was specifically engineered to last through washes and rain without losing luster or diminishing its protection to your tires.

Designed to ensure the richest shine and protection for your tires with no runs or drips.  Super Slick Tire Shine's unique formulation penetrates tire for durabale long lasting shine.

Super Slick Tire Shine has been tested by independent laboratories confirming its durable long lasting shine and performance will last for up to three car washes and more than 200 miles

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Truth About Tire Shine

      A simple internet search on tire shine quickly yields the expected results of the major brand name tire shines who have dominated the industry for years. If you search further down the results page, you will soon find articles explaining the two types of tire shines in the industry today --- solvent-based vs water-based. Inasmuch, this would be just fine if not for the fact that there seems to be a worrisome trend, all leading to a false conclusion that all solvent-based tire shines are harmful to the environment and that they all create sling.
    As the founders of Daytona Detailing Products, the manufacturer of a full line of detailing chemicals and cleaning solutions, we feel obligated to lend some truth and much needed perspective to the claim that all solvent-based tire shines are environmentally unfriendly and to the false assumption that all solvent-based tire shines create sling.
     First and foremost, it is important to provide some background information on the actual science behind tire shine. The truth is that there are a few ingredients in a tire shine that make it harmful to the environment. However, what it is important to remember is that these harmful ingredients can be substituted with other ingredients that are NOT harmful to the environment. Keeping that in mind, let's address what makes most solvent-based tire shines in the car care industry today harmful to the environment.
     The main ingredient in tire shine is a base of petroleum distillates, which evaporate into our ozone contributing to ozone depletion. Distillates are also the main chemical ingredient that help in the drying process of other ingredients in the solution or “tire shine.” The importance of the distillates lies in the fact that in order for a tire shine to be effective it needs to dry. Now, while these distillates can be substituted, the major players in the tire shine industry have relied on their vast brand name recognition to carry sales, and have chosen to add too much of these distillates to their tire shines and in the process leaving little to no room for more pricey, and environmentally friendlier ingredients.
     The problem with these practices, is that solvent-based tire shines are now thought of as environmentally unfriendly, when in fact the reality is that while our competitors' solvent-based tire shines in the market today are environmentally unfriendly, NOT all are. For instance, Daytona Detailing Products has formulated a tire shine, Super Slick Tire Shine, which has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that is less than 1% by weight. As such, Super Slick Tire Shine is VOC compliant in all 50 states, including the state of California which has one of the most stringent environmental protection regulations. In formulating Super Slick, a new company was able to prove an entire industry wrong and indeed prove that while a majority of the solvent-based tire shines in the market today do bring up environmental concerns--- this is NOT the case with all tire shines.
     Moving forward, because of the nature of solvent-based tire shines, it has also been widely, although incorrectly, accepted that all solvent-based tire shines create sling. Once again, as mentioned above the major players in the car care industry have continued to put products in the market that create sling --- in the process creating the false assumption that this is true of all solvent-based tire shines.
     The reason why most tire shines create sling is because they are “watered down.” The distillates mentioned above are used in excess and therefore create the running, drips and sling that has become such a problem for those who continuously seek for new tire shines that do not sling. What many outside of the car care industry do not know is that anytime a tire shine is produced, there are ingredients that allow for adhesion of other ingredients to apply to your tire and with competitors finding these costs to be exceed their bottom line for quality tire shine, it often relays the question of price ---the difference becomes increasingly evident when one comes to have to choose between a $5.00 tire shine or a tire shine for $9.99.
     Listen, sling can be avoided with attention to quality when producing a tire shine, however most companies rather mix and blend for cheap and sell for less and really leave an open door for tire shine competitors. As proof, Super Slick Tire Shine, VOC compliant, and independently tested to last over 200 Miles and over 3 Car Washes, with NO Sling.
     Which brings us full circle--- while most solvent-based tire shines may be unfriendly to the environment and create sling --- that is definitely not the case with all.

Written by:    Robert J. Modesto II -President of Daytona Detailing Products
                     Laiza C. Dipre - Vice-President of Daytona Detailing Products

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to DDP Detailers' Corner

Welcome to DDP Detailers' Corner --- the NEW Daytona Detailing Product's  blog --- providing you with the latest industry news and information along with tips and tricks of the trade!

After 12 successful years in the detailing industry, Daytona Detailing Products (DDP), Inc. was established to fulfill the ever-increasing needs of our customers. A family owned and operated corporation, DDP proudly announces a full line of commercial and personal detailing supplies & cleaning solutions.

At DDP we have 3 missions to live by

Creating a chemical that outdoes our competition, not with cost-cutting techniques, but rather with attention to quality.

Allowing you, our customer, to experience a company that cares about your needs and will go to any length to satisfy you and make you realize that YOU are the reason we started this business.

Give back to the animals. At DDP we have pledged to help save the animals. To this end, we have begun by vowing to NEVER test any of our products on animals. Unlike some of our competitors, such as Armor All of the Clorox Company, among many others, we do not believe in cruel animal testing to prove that one should always follow safety precautions when using any chemicals. To further our cause, we are committed to donate a portion of our profits to establishing a foundation dedicated to the promotion of anti-animal cruelty.

As we move forward in our pursuit of establishing ourselves as a leading force in the detailing chemical industry, we will continue to live by our famous motto

"We Set the Pace, Competition Follows"TM

Robert J. Modesto II                                                                                               Laiza C. Dipre
President                                                                                                                 Vice-President